Eternity In Our Hearts

Lately I’ve been praying and asking God to show me where to read in the Bible. I want to read what He wants me to read in that moment, and each time I end up learning something new and reading something that relates to things happening in my life. Honestly, it’s pretty cool and leaves me in awe every time.

This specific time I asked God to show me what to read, I was pointed to Ecclesiastes. I was kind of confused by this direction since I have read this book before, and though like every book in the Bible, is God-breathed and valuable, I found it to be a little more on the depressing side reading Solomon’s journey to find the meaning of life, money, possessions- everything, through eyes of cynicism and doubt in the latter half of his life.

While reading I came across chapter 3:11: “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”

That’s when God’s message came through loud and clear. God made us spiritual beings. Solomon points out the irony that people want to understand ultimate realities yet can’t figure out life with their minds alone. Because we are spiritual beings, whether we have a relationship with God or not, there will be a part of us that will never be satisfied without God. In fact, the further we drift from the Lord and our walk with Christ, the more frustration and confusion about our lives we will experience. Without that eternal dimension, we will constantly looking for substitutes, replacements for God that will inevitably leave us feeling empty. Our minds will tell us we need a new car, a better paying job, a new house, a new car, a new boyfriend or girlfriend with the hopes that a new romance will ignite life into our very souls.

But it’s all meaningless as Solomon says. As for how this relates to me, though I consider myself to have a wonderful relationship with God, sometimes, because I’m human, I get caught up in the materialistic aspect of the world. The night before, my fiancé had mentioned feeling bad because we didn’t have a brand new home as so many of our close friends have recently finished building their own new homes. Also from experience, once you start feeling bad about one thing, then more will follow. I started thinking about my car, my appearance, you name it.

I am not depressed by any means, and I do have nice things. But that is just a tactic the enemy uses to distract you from your relationship with God, and to take your focus off the eternal and spiritual fulfillment that only He graciously provides.

I searched a long time for meaning in my life. For purpose and value. I looked mostly in others for that, which only leads to disappointment. I read this book before but only now did I understand the depths of the words being spoken. God made us spiritual. God made us for so much more than this world could ever offer.

Life will never be easy on this earth, but we can live it to the fullest if we live for God, who is always there waiting for us to call on Him.

2 thoughts on “Eternity In Our Hearts

  1. Amen, very wise words and thoughts.

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