Because He Lives

Over the weekend I saw a picture shared by a news outlet of the Christ The Redeemer statue in Brazil lit up with all the flags of the countries around the world. As we are told to practice social distancing and isolation, the statue serves as a reminder that even though we have to stay apart, we are all going through this together. After seeing the picture I also saw videos of people throughout Brazil singing “Because He Lives” from their windows. It definitely gave me cold chills and brought tears to my eyes.

From one perspective, you may look at what is happening in the world and wonder where God is, why He has allowed this to happen, or if He has deserted us all together. Even though this is a very unpredictable and scary time, I have seen this experience from another perspective. I feel that God’s Spirit is at work now more than ever, and His presence on this earth is undeniable. People are looking for hope and beginning to realize that Jesus is the ultimate source of comfort. With businesses closing, stay at home orders being issued, and almost all sources of entertainment being closed off, God has opened the door for people to focus on their relationship with Him. I have seen more prayer, more worship, and more of God’s goodness going on in the world than I think I ever have. And I think it is incredible.

It came as no surprise when my verse of the day on my bible app was Zechariah 14:9, “And the Lord shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one Lord, and his name one.”

With the panic and chaos and uncertainty running wild, God has reminded me that He is in control, and that the things here are only temporary. Where I am going, this virus cannot go, and fear cannot enter.

2 thoughts on “Because He Lives

  1. Amen sister! Great to meet you, God bless you!

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    1. Great to meet you as well, I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs I’ve come across today, looking forward to more!

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