I Am Thankful For Second Chances

Throughout the Old Testament is the emotional journey of the relationship between God and his people. God continually promises prosperity to the them as long as they keep his commandments and do not turn away from him, and fall into the sin of their neighbors.

Time and time again, just as things seem to be going according to God’s plan, the people begin to stray from the ways of the Lord and their adaptation of sin causes God to turn away from them.

Just when things seem like they can’t get any worse, the people cry out to God and because of his relentless mercy and overwhelming love for his creation, he rescues them, giving them an opportunity to thrive once again under his guidance.

This is a cycle that happens many, many times. I remember thinking to myself, “Again? Really? How many chances are these people going to get? If I was God I would have stopped a long time ago.”

Immediately I realized how silly I sounded, and how thankful I am that God is so much more superior than the simple minds of the flesh.

And how grateful I am for second chances.. and the thousands or probably millions of chances I’ve been given over the course of my life. There are days I have that are worse than others, where I feel like I’ve gone too far, I’ve said too many wrong things, I’ve made a fool of myself by acting out of emotion. It makes me want to give up. The enemy is in my ear, whispering doubt. I think, how can I come back from this? How can God ever use me, if I keep making mistakes?

That’s the beauty in the blood of Jesus Christ. There is no mistake you can make that you can’t come back from. I have to remind myself that I am human, and slipping up is bound to happen. We will always fall short of the Glory of God. We are imperfect. But that does not mean God cannot use us, or even our mistakes, to reach those that are lost.

I believe it is from the darkest times in our lives that God can give us the most heart wrenching testimony that can touch the lives of others who desperately need to see that they are not too far gone.

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