Nourishment For The Soul

We finally got a small break from the scorching heat today, so I took advantage of the cooler weather and spent some time with my plants. Am I crazy or does anyone else think plants have feelings? Maybe not emotions like you and I have, but something similar.

I’ve managed to keep my flowers from Mother’s Day alive for a few months now- something I have never been able to achieve before!

I thought I almost lost them when we went on vacation. We were gone for a week and it didn’t rain at all while we were away, so I was nervous to see what they would look like after a week with no water in the 90 degree heat.

It was pretty bad.

All of the green parts of the plant had turned yellow, and most of the flowers were gone, a few survivors were left. I immediately watered them and even said a small prayer for them to come back! It only took a few days of care for the beautiful bright green color to come back, and new flowers started blooming all over. Nature is so inspiring, and constantly gives a clear testimony of God’s existence.

While I was watering my plants this evening, I started to think about God and how nature is like God’s footprint left behind- just another part of creation that validates His being. When your heart is set on the Lord, you become so much more aware of all the little details he plays a part in. Like the way he designed the plants; even on the brink of destruction, they can be nurtured and brought back to their former glory.

Anything living needs some sort of nourishment to survive. Our spirits are the same way. In order to grow our relationship with God, we have to nourish our soul with his word, and seek his will.

If I ever had to give advice to anyone who feels a disconnect between themselves and the Lord, it would be to read the Bible. Any time I ever asked my parents for advice, they would always tell me I needed to pray, needed to be in church, or needed to read the Word. Growing up, this was just the usual response and of course as a teen/young adult I would expect them to say such things but never really considered them to be the answers to my problems.

I wish I knew back then what I know now.

I was unsure about everything when I started this journey. All I knew was that I didn’t want to go to hell, and I wanted to submit myself to God. When I started nourishing my spirit with the Lord, my life changed. At first I wasn’t interested in reading my Bible, I felt compelled to do it because it felt like the right thing to do. However, the more in depth I got, the more I learned about God, the more my heart changed and I discovered a joy I never knew possible.

Nourishment for your soul is just as important as water is to my dear sweet plants (my other children)

If you don’t provide your spirit with the nourishment of the Lord, you’re life will wither away.

Read the word. Pray to God. Seek his will for your life in every situation. Repeat.

Amen. ❤️

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