Looking Beyond The Hills

It’s Monday and I recently heard a few interesting facts about today. The first being that, based on a study in 2011, people complain or “whine” an average of 34 minutes on Monday versus an average of 22 minutes any other day. Another study said Monday is the most sleep deprived day due to sleeping in on the weekends. Unless you’re a parent, then sleep deprivation is the norm!

My sweet sweet teething baby has definitely whined more than 34 minutes today, but a nice long nap time for him means a much needed break and bible study to beat the Monday blues.

I am reading in 2 Kings and came across a story in chapter 6:8-23, which tells of a particular encounter of Elisha and the Arameans, who were at war with Israel. The king of Aram kept trying to set up camp in different areas to catch the Israelites of guard. However, Elisha knew of where the Arameans were going, and sent word to the King of Israel to beware of those places. He warned the king time and time again. Of course this enraged The king of Aram, so much so that he summoned his officers and demanded they tell him who among them was on Israel’s side, since Israel always seemed to be one step ahead.

One of king Aram’s officers told him that it was Elisha who tells the King of Israel even the words spoken in his bedroom. Through God, Elisha was given insight to the Kings secret strategies. King Aram ordered his men to find Elisha, who was in the city of Dothan. When the king found out Elisha’s whereabouts, he sent a strong force with horses and chariots, who traveled through the night and then surrounded the city.

The next morning when Elisha’s servant went outside, he saw they were surrounded and cried out to Elisha, “Oh no, my Lord! What shall we do?”

Elisha responds with a solid truth in verse 16. “Don’t be afraid, Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” Elisha then prays for the Lord to open his servant’s eyes so he may see.

God answered and opened the eyes of the servant who looked again and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.

How. Amazing. Is. That.

We already know God is always with us, but how absolutely phenomenal would it be for us to see the heavenly presence around us? To see God’s army ready to fight for us?

It is so easy to look at the hardships and misfortune that surrounds us and feel like, “how will I ever make it out of this?” Pray for God to let you see. You may not see as Elisha’s servant did, but still, pray to have your sight on Christ. Pray to see God’s plan and way out of tribulation. Pray that you can see beyond the struggles brought on by the world.

If you ever catch yourself unable to see, pray that God will give you sight.

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1 thought on “Looking Beyond The Hills

  1. I absolutely needed this today. I want to do it my way and go my own way, but I know better. I know who holds tomorrow. It’s just so hard to pray sometimes.


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