True Obedience Comes From The Heart

I love when I’m reading my bible and something jumps out at me and just sticks. Whether It be just a single verse or the story being told, I love when the Spirit lays inspiration on my heart.

I’ve been reading in 1 Samuel, and so far I think it’s one of my favorites. Lots of interesting stories and people.

In chapter 15, the prophet Samuel relayed a message to Saul, Israel’s king, from God. God wanted to punish the Amalekites for the attack against Israel when they came out of Egypt. God told Saul through Samuel to totally destroy the Amalekites, sparing no man, woman, child, or any of their animals. However, Saul instead took their king Agag, almost like a trophy of his victory to parade around before the Israelites, and all of their best sheep, cattle, calves and lambs.

When the Lord spoke to Samuel and told him what Saul had done, Samuel went to confront him, and asked him why he did not obey the Lord, and why he took the things that were meant to be totally destroyed. Saul responded by saying he did follow the Lord’s instructions, he only took all of the best livestock so he could sacrifice them to God.

Here comes my inspiration!

15:22 Samuel says “Does the Lord delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the Lord? To obey is better than sacrifice and to heed is better than the fat of rams.”

“Sacrifices” offered in a spirit of humility are the only sacrifices acceptable to God. Although thanks to the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ we don’t make actual sacrifices to God like in the Old Testament, this story still has such a great moral: we could do all the greatest works, but God is most pleased with our obedience, and when our hearts are ultimately devoted to doing His will.

If you’re anything like me you might have asked yourself why God was so mad over Saul taking the enemies King and livestock, when Saul intended the animals to be a sacrifice to God. Deeper digging into the story revealed that Saul’s intentions were more so out of arrogance and rebellion than actually wanting to please God- which would have been done had he followed Gods instructions and not his pride.

What I love most about this is that it can reach so many people who may feel unworthy or undeserving or even hopeless. God literally wants nothing from us but our obedience. He cares more about what’s in our heart than our works or our possessions. If we devote ourselves to living for him he will take care of everything else. ❤️

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