Unfamiliar Territory

The moment you decide to live for the Lord, anything seems possible. You have the desire to live better, and do better. You feel ready to start your walk with God, and you decide it’s time to wipe the dust off the bible you haven’t cracked open in months, or even years. You go to a quiet place, ready to dive in. But as you flip open to the table of contents, all the books of the bible just seem to stare at you. Which one do you read first? Genesis because it’s the first book? Or are you supposed to start with the New Testament?

If you are anything like me, then of course you started in Genesis. Being an avid reader all my life, this made the most sense; you start on page one. Only a few minutes in did I realize a few things: 1) Beyond the first few chapters of God creating the Earth, none of this makes any sense to me. 2) How am I supposed to remember the names of all of these people? 3) Isn’t the Bible supposed to be like.. telling me what to do and what not to do kinda stuff?

That’s when I did what any person would do when they need help. I called my mom! I am so thankful to have such a good christian role model that also happens to be my best friend, and in my opinion, a bible expert. (love you mom) After picking her brain awhile, I decided I would start in the New Testament in the book of Matthew. For any of you other Bible noobs, I recommend starting there. That was where I started my journey and I am still learning so much. But the most important thing I have learned is that God wants so much for us to learn about him and to have a relationship with us. He wants us to know his word and it is truly amazing the things that have come to light since starting this adventure.

So that is why I decided to start blogging. Not only so I can reflect on my own growth but to shed some light on others that may not know where to begin, and also to share some of the really amazing works of God. And a few words of advice before I go. First thing’s first, if you have decided to start studying your bible, be patient. It’s gonna take effort, but you’re not alone. Second, if you don’t already, start praying. A Lot. Even if you don’t know what to say. Ask God to help you and he will. And last, If you are brand new to the bible, don’t start in the book of Genesis. Think of it as a Calculus class.. and we are still in Pre-Algebra. 🙂

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1 thought on “Unfamiliar Territory

  1. Statring in The New Testament first helped me ,because when I did dive into the O.T. I began to see all the references and prophecies of Christ more clearly. The O.T. and the N.T. work together to show us the wonder works of God and how desperately we need Him.


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